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Do you want to have spiritual life alignment but have no idea how? Dwell not, as Mazami’s book,
Basic Tools For Starting A Spiritual Journey, will help you with everything you need to know!

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About The Author

Mazami Tanji


Mazami was born into a family in which Spirituality was practiced. His father and grandfather were both shamans. From a very early age, Mazami had been having spiritual calls to get onto the spiritual path. While in London, he kept reading spiritual books and doing spiritual work as a side hustle. He finally joined some spiritual and meditation groups and deepened his knowledge of knowing himself and the Creator.

Mazami has been a spiritual healer since 2009, working with energy, crystals, tarots, dowsing tools, birth-charts and has also been doing shamanic work and journeying. He has been working with the elements, and also does regression work. Mazami is also a holistic massage therapist.

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Our Book

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Basic Tools For Starting A Spiritual Journey

About The Book

Basic Tools for Starting a Spiritual Journey’ provides some basic tools and guides to help with starting spiritual life alignment. Tools to help with being and staying balanced in physical and spiritual health. For those who have not yet developed these psychic skills, this book is a good starting point for you. For those already on the journey, this book should give you one or two tools you might not have considered and developed yet. For an advanced spiritual student/people, this book will help as an overview of where you were a few years ago, but from a different perspective.

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