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In the mystical realms explored by the author Mazami Tanji in his book “Basic Tools For Starting A Spiritual Journey,” readers are invited into the ethereal dimensions of angels, ascended masters, and spirits. His book is one of the top-notch spirituality books about angels.

Mazami Tanji’s spiritual guide unravels the significance of connecting with these celestial and otherworldly beings, offering profound insights into their roles and the transformative power of such connections.

Messengers of Love and Guidance

In the vast and complex layers of spirituality, angels emerge as ethereal messengers. They are created by the divine force to serve as guides and companions on our earthly journey.

Furthermore, Mazami sheds light on the belief that angels are benevolent, pure, and caring beings, watching over us during times of difficulty. However, a cautionary note is sounded by Mazami explaining that not all spiritual beings have benevolent intentions.

Just as there are “not-so-good” people in the physical world, the spiritual realm also harbors entities that may take advantage or cause harm. Discernment and thorough verification are emphasized before engaging with any spiritual being.

Mazami Tanji’s spiritual guidance book explores various cultural and religious beliefs surrounding angels. It is the perfect addition to spirituality and angel books. As per Mazami angels, often considered messengers between the divine and humans, provide comfort, protection, and guidance.

He goes into the idea of hierarchies or orders of angels, each assigned specific duties in carrying out divine plans. The concept of angels varies across cultures, with wings symbolizing their unearthly nature and connection between the divine and earthly realms.

The Need for Angelic Connection

Tanji builds a compelling narrative around the importance of connecting with angels. Beyond being messengers, angels symbolize virtues such as love and compassion, providing comfort, spiritual insight, and a sense of unseen support.

Believers turn to angels for spiritual guidance, coping mechanisms during adversity, and even seeking miracles or divine intervention. The connection to angels becomes deeply intertwined with cultural and religious heritage, offering believers a tangible way to strengthen their spiritual beliefs.

Ascended Masters

The journey into spiritual connection extends to spirit guides and ascended masters. Mazami explains how ascended masters are enlightened beings who have traversed human lives, reaching higher levels of consciousness through personal growth and experiences.

He explores the belief that ascended masters, having understood human needs and challenges, stay close to the physical world to guide humanity back to the Creator. Through prayer, meditation, and the study of their teachings, followers seek to absorb the transformative wisdom of these spiritual beings.

Connecting with ascended masters is seen as a way to gain access to greater wisdom, receive direction, and promote personal progress on the spiritual path. These enlightened creatures are seen as role models for virtuous behavior, exhibiting traits like love, compassion, and knowledge. The belief in ascended masters aligns with the cosmic order, providing humans with a route to spiritual progress and enlightenment.


The exploration of spirituality culminates in the understanding that we are all spirits in human bodies. Mazami explores further spirit guides and ascended masters in the book. He unveils the concept that the spirit is our true essence, immortal and bound to return to the Creator.

Connecting with spirits, whether ancestors, living beings, or elements of nature, becomes an educational and enlightening experience. He emphasizes the diverse nature of spirits, ranging from ancestral and nature spirits to deities, elemental spirits, and more.

Understanding the need to connect with spirits, Mazami unveils the rich history and experiences held within entities like mountains, oak trees, and crystals. Connecting respectfully and correctly with these spirits becomes a source of education and enlightenment, tapping into the wisdom accumulated over hundreds to thousands of years.

A Universal and Diverse Concept

Mazami gives an overview of the numerous types of spirits found in different cultures, religions, and belief systems. From ancestral and natural spirits to deities, elemental spirits, and guardian spirits, the notion of spirits is broad and multidimensional.

The significance of treating spirits with respect, respecting the norms of engagement, and aligning intents with the Creator is emphasized.

The journey into the spiritual realms, guided by Mazami Tanji’s wisdom, offers readers a transformative experience. “Basic Tools For Starting A Spiritual Journey” serves as a gateway to understanding and connecting with angels, ascended masters, and spirits. Mazami’s narrative unfolds wisdom, enlightenment, and spiritual growth, inviting readers to embark on a journey that transcends the boundaries of the physical world.


As readers navigate the concepts of angels, ascended masters, and spirits, Mazami Tanji extends a heartfelt invitation to embark on a spiritual odyssey. “Basic Tools For Starting A Spiritual Journey” invites seekers and believers alike to explore the transforming truths found inside its pages.

Uncover the secrets, communicate with celestial entities, and discover the essence beyond the physical. Mazami Tanji’s spiritual guide book is more than simply a map; it’s a spiritual compass that points to wisdom, illumination, and a deep connection to the divine.

Are you prepared to explore the mysteries of angels, ascended masters, and spirits? Dive into the book’s chapters and let Mazami Tanji be your guide. Unveil the secrets, connect with the ethereal, and may your spiritual journey be enriched with the wisdom of celestial beings and the profound essence of spirits.

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